Soup of the day (9€)

Cheese croquettes (1pc: 10€, 2pc: 17€)

Shrimp croquettes (1pc: 11€, 2pc: 18€)

Salmon carpaccio (18€)

Beef carpaccio, parmesan and olive oil (18€)

Scampis with olive oil, tomatoes and coriander (18€)

Scallops with lobster sauce (20€)

Garlic mushrooms on toast (14€)


(2 pieces)

Toast “Américain” (raw beef, onions, tabasco) (18€)

Mushroom toast with garlic (18€)

Shrimp toast (19€)


Caesar salad (chicken, croutons, parmesan, vinaigrette) (19€)

“Anton Pieck” (scampis, mushrooms, yoghurt, truffle oil) (20€)

“Burrata” with “Parma” ham (arugula, tomato, basilicum, olive oil) (20€)

Shrimp stuffed tomato (with salad and French fries) (24€)


Tagliatelli vegetarian (season’s vegetables) (19€)

Tagliatelli  “gratiné” (chicken, courgettes, mushrooms, onions) (21€)

Penne with scampis and shrimps (basilicum, tomato, olive oil) (22€)


Served with French fries, croquettes, rice or potatoes

Grilled salmon with a light chive sauce (26€)

Scallops and Scampis brochette with pasta and mushrooms (29€)

Scampis with ginger-curry or with garlic (24€)

Scallops with lobster sauce and rice (29€)


Served with French fries, croquettes, rice or potatoes

Hamburger “Angus Beef” with Cheddar chees, salad & French fries (21€)

Steak Tartare with French Fries (21€)

Italian “Beef Tartare” with aragula, onions, parmesan, olive and truffle oil (23€)

Belgian Steak grilled, served with a small mixed salad (25€)

Grilled “Angus Beef” filet pur, served with mixed salad (33€)

Filet Pur, (Belgian Beef), served with mixed salad (33€)

Beef “Tagliata” with arugula, parmesan, tomato, Truffle oil (28€)

Chicken Filet with a light curry sauce (19€)

Extras :

Sauces: Choron, Béarnaise, Mushroom cream, Pepper cream, Roquefort (4.5€)

Mixed salad, chicory salad, vegetables (4.5€)

Extra French fries or croquettes (4€)

Extra mayonaise (2€)


Tarte Tatin and vanilla ice cream (9,5€)

Crème brulée (9,5€)

Profiteroles (9,5€)

Fresh fruit salad (season) (9,5€)

Tiramisu with speculoos (9,5€)

Dame Blanche (9,5€)

Various sorbets (9,5€)

Cheese dish (9,5€)

"Specials of the day"

Coming soon.

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